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The best massage I’ve ever had. Put me to sleep it was so awesome. Due to multiple bad experiences at other places I was nervous at first. But Vonda made me feel comfortable and right at home. Feels good to know I have found my person and can stop looking elsewhere. :-). Loyal customer for life. Tiana Neves

Vonda Ricciardi is a very talented professional masseuse. She has worked over a decade perfecting her abilities and refined them so that an hour under her hands is pure magic. I have been a steady client of Vonda’s for over a year. I trust her and know I will be given a healing massage free of any hype or camouflage. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for high quality, healing, massage sessions. – Elizabeth Malzahn, MS LMFT

I have NOTHING but positive things to say about Vonda. Her massage was the best I have ever had … And due to my ongoing back problems I have been to many. She is friendly and caring!! Her massage table is like lying on a bed of clouds — and its heated too!!!! Since going to Vonds years ago, she has become a good friend as well. She is not only a true healer but an encourager and I am blessed to know her. – Mandy Tardiff, artist

Vonda is a very likable and warm person. I love coming to her home where it is quiet and relaxing as opposed to checking in at a spa which can be hectic by comparison. I have never had to wait for her. Even if I am a little early she is always able to start my massage right away.

I like the way her massage room is decorated. It is welcoming and cozy. – Marilyn Ferguson, retired

I found my way to Vonda years ago after searching on the internet for a quality massage in the area around my office. She had great reviews and was even listed in the area’s top 5 on the KCRA A-List… which she was again for 2011! (see:…) I know why she’s consistently listed there! Her massages rock! Vonda is a quality person with hands that are a gift to anyone she touches! – Lisa Zelen

Vonda is dependable and friendly. Great ambiance and she is an excellent Massage therapist who is concerned about her clients’ well being.

She uniquely specializes in my specific needs and tailors the session to my needs/desires. ~ Jeanette Monahan, Retired

I have highly recommended Vonda to my friends, and will continue to do so. She is professional and personal… two very important qualities to me. Her home is lovely, and her massage room is clean and comfortable. I’ve often been so relaxed that I think I missed really great parts of my massage while sleeping 😉 You can’t go wrong with Vonda! She’s gets my 5-STAR rating here, a 2-thumbs up, and an A+ to boot! ~ Liz Gibson

Vonda and I met a few years ago at a fundraiser where she donates her time for the cause! She left a lasting impression with her ability to quickly determine my needs and still be sensitive when it came to working with my scoliosis, which I’ve had since childhood . Vonda puts every effort into making “you” her focus while in her care. When my long standing massage therapist left the area, it was the logical choice for me to ask her if she had room in her busy schedule for one more client. The transition has been wonderfully successful! ~ Pamela Burns, Retired

I have been going to Vonda for my regular massages for years. Recently when she was on vacation I tried another – and there is just no comparison. Vonda always seems to know what will
work best. She is without a doubt, the best massage therapist I have had. She really grasps how to deal with the whole person. – Margaret Lamb, Retired

Vonda is absolutely wonderful, very professional, personable and extremely talented. This was my very first massage and it was incredible! She creates a very soothing, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Her work is fabulous and my body has never felt better! Thank you Vonda, I’ll be in again soon!! ~ Larissa M., San Francisco

Vonda is the best at what she does. She ROCKS!!! And she is also the best person EVER!!! She is an amazing person and
massage therapist. Best hands ever!! Her customer service is also out of this world!!! – Tammy Chance, Office Manager, McCuen Properties

Vssage by Vonda Ricciardi–absolutely the best results in pain relief! I had experienced a severe laceration of my left hand and for two months after the surgery, a burning pain on the back of my hand persisted and a tingling pain and numbness in fingers 3 and 4 developed. The therapy clinic recommended by the surgeon had produced few positive results. I decided to pursue more ancient and time proven therapy techniques.

Through extensive networking, I found a knowledgeable, caring, and devoted practitioner of natural therapy–Vonda Ricciardi. Vonda is a true professional in massage therapy and utilizes both ancient and modern electrotherapy techniques. She is a good listener, very informed, experienced and trustworthy. The pain relief after only two visits has been amazing. I give her a five star rating. ~ Rudy Baldonado, Diamond Springs, Retired

Massage therapists need massage, too; and, I try to walk-the-talk by scheduling regular massages as part of my own health maintenance program. Over the past sixteen years, I have tried numerous therapists in the Sacramento region. Vonda is now my therapist of choice; and, I see her on a monthly basis.

Her home office is comfortable, quiet; and, far nicer than the more clinical/sterile settings found in some salons/spas. I appreciate that there is no traffic, or waiting, and that, on arrival, you go directly to her massage room. More importantly, an hour ,or more, massage booked with a spa will usually fall ten to fifteen minutes short of the advertised time. This is not the case with Vonda. Book a one hour or two hour session; and, that is exactly the amount of time she will work on you.

I would advise anyone looking for a reliable therapist to be part of their health maintenance plan to consider an independant therapist such as Vonda. I could not give her anything less than a five star rating.
~ Stu Gluckman, Sacramento, Retired

I have known Vonda for years and never knew what a miracle worker she was. I had a headache for about 6 days when I finally called her for an appointment. My Doctor’s were changing my meds every other day with no help. I finally wised up and called Vonda. I couldn’t have made a better choice. She had me on her table the next morning (Sunday at 9AM). She worked out all of the knots that were causing the headaches. I left there knowing I would be back. ~ Stacey Jaramillo

What makes Vonda different is that she pays attention to what I need. She asks about problem areas and then follows through and works on them with great expertise. She is the kindest and most genuine massage therapist I have ever worked with. There was not a moment that I felt uncomfortable-I was able to chat away about anything and everything while receiving the best massage. Great combo!

And I just LOVE that she works from home-I love the comfort, relaxation and privacy that comes from this.

I had such a great experience that I returned only 3 weeks later and decided to bring along my boyfriend to experience his very first massage with Vonda as a birthday gift. My boyfriend was very nervous, but Vonda made him feel comfortable and at ease-and I LOVED that about her.

We both will be returning soon! ~ Gladys Gonzalez

Great relaxing atmosphere with just the right music in the background. Vonda is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever seen, she has strong hands and gives a very firm and intuitive massage. A true professional all the way, I am so glad I found her. ~Jerry S., Sunnyvale

I originally met Vonda years ago at a fundraising cycling event (ETBT). There are a group of masseuses that volunteer 3 days of their time and hands for this fund raiser, amazing! Her schedule was booked before all others so it was a few years before I had the pleasure of being assigned to her table. Lucky me!

Today I had the opportunity to be a “real client” and visit her at her home office. I have recently been training for a century ride and the work out schedule has been very demanding on my body. I showed up today with some very sore, overworked muscles. After a brief chat about what I needed, she set up to work on me.

Vonda is a truly gifted masseuse. Her sense of when to chat and when to let me feel my body relaxing into her hands is a talent that cannot be taught, it’s inherent. Her home office is professional, clean, relaxing and comfortable with all of the amenities you could ask for (hot towel was a bonus!).

If you have never had a massage or not had the best one of your life, I highly recommend her services. I will be booking more appointments over the next few months as I now understand that to work and play as hard as we all like to, you need to have someone knowledgeable working on that body to keep it in tip top form.

Call her today!! ~Terri Berbena, Sacramento, self employed

Vonda provides a thorough full body massage with good strength that you can’t find in a massage parlor. I appreciate that she provides a full hour massage in a relaxing environment. Because she works from your home, I don’t have to worry about her changing locations to hunt her down (now that I’ve found a massage therapist that works for me). The massage packages she offers are a great value and allow me to take care of myself with massage therapy. She truly cares about her clients and their well-being. Keep doing what you’re doing! – Lisa Sotelo


"I pray give skill to my hands, clear vision to my mind, and kindness and meekness to my heart. Give me singleness of purpose, strength to lift up a part of the burden of my suffering from fellow men and a true realization of the privilege that is mine." ~ Mother Teresa